Looking for Sales Agent of Specialized Charcoal for Heavy Metal Treatment

For Overseas Company,

We are looking for Sales Agent of Specialized Charcoal for Heavy Metal Treatment.

The out-line is as followings.

We are looking for Sales Agents of Specialized Charcoal for Heavy metal Treatment. In accordance with the requirement of the manufacture, we post their request instead of them.

*Product Outline
By Using Metallic Ion Elution Material, treat heavy metal such as cadmium, arsenic, mercury, lead or flouring etc.

*Process Features
-Treat almost ANY type of inorganic residues, such as heavy metals, silica, fluorine, etc.
-Practice a low-concentration treatment (coagulation power does not decline)
-Cut down an initial cost by easy installation to your existing facilities.
-Low running cost since Metallic Ion Elution Materialis only filled every 6 months.

***Click illustration for expansion***

*Partner Qualifications
The company who are in water treatment industry and can sell this types products to the client or can promote to potential clients.

*Partner Tasks/Duties
Sales and promotion of Metallic Ion Elution Material

If you are interested in these products, please contact us with feel free.

TO: info@notocorp.co.jp

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