Objectives of Noto Corporation
Our objective is to be a proactive partner instead of just teaching and support

Most overseas support companies or legal and accounting experts focus on teaching and support or providing a proxy service for business related works. Noto Corporation provides consultation about the essentials of management tasks as your business partner.
Takayuki Noto, the founder of Noto Corporation, has 10 years’ experience working as CEO of the local subsidiaries of a Japanese company in Thailand and China. He personally faced the practical business problems that occurred on a daily basis along with the struggles to deal with troubles. One by one, he solved each problem. Noto Corporation aims at serving as a management partner of CEOs who are venturing into the global market by making the most of our working experience.

Consulting service for global business management
The standard operation flow for capturing overseas markets (e.g. exporting products) and opening an office (company) overseas is shown on the left. These are typical overseas business expansion schemes that Noto Corporation excels at.
We provide various services tailored to your specific issues and level of business.

Working as a specialist at helping small and medium-sized enterprises venture into newly emerging countries

Japan External Trade Organization or JETRO is a legal body for Japanese government organizations that was established based on the Japan External Trade Organization Incorporated Administrative Agency Act in October 2003 after restructuring of the former organization. JETRO quickly responds to the requirements of the times and provides high-quality services in a flexible and efficient manner.
Our CEO, Takayuki Noto, was commissioned by JETRO to work as a specialist consultant and assist small and medium-sized enterprises venture into newly emerging countries from June 2014 to March 2015.
Continuously, our CEO, Takayuki Noto is appointed as a consultant by a Japanese company, which utilize of expert program of Japanese venture into abroad market by JETRO since April 2015. Since June 2015, he is also commissioned by JETRO as a specialist consultant of Japanese Manufacturing and Service industry venture into global market.

Working as a sales partner (export/import and sales intermediary)

Noto Corporation is your business partner who provides more than client company support.
For example, we are a part of the following project.

Proton freezers are an epoch-making freezer that is a hybrid of equal magnetic flux density environment, electromagnetic wave transmission environment, and cooling air. This system uses next-generation freezing technology that prevents cell destruction of foodstuff and reduces the loss of nutritional substances that bleed out when foodstuff is defrosted.

Business promotion service

Noto Corporation conducts seminars on business expansion and setting up a company in overseas markets. We also introduce public-private partnership projects jointly withthe Asia International Cooperation Agency (AICA).

Translation and DTP Production Services
We offer high-quality translation services, with a proven team of translators producing translations that are carefully checked by both Japanese reviewers and native speakers of the target language.
Furthermore, our editing specialists perform careful and detailed proofing as well as final checks of the layout and delivery format, before shipping the final product on the specified media.
Pricing varies with factors such as the language, field, volume, and deadline. Please contact us for a quote.
Translation Languages English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, others
Content Technical documents, presentation materials, contracts, employment provisions, company overviews, product-related materials (brochures, catalogs), manuals, company websites, business correspondence with overseas suppliers
Cost Pricing varies with content, quantity, etc. Please contact us for a quote.
DTP Design and production of print-ready layouts of pamphlets, catalogs, etc.